Six Models review

” All the staff are amazing!” SIX MODEL REVIEW

Six Models and their staff all make a fantastic team together that provide an excellent service to all clients and customers. I cannot express how great they are in this Six Model review. I can say that with total confidence because both me and my friend have used their services both physical and telephoned them separately and only came back with positive things to say. My experience was brilliant, I went before my friend did so I was very nervous as I had never done a shoot professionally at least so for me to enter into a warm, smiling and laughing environment really meant a lot to me, giving me a first impression that this is an environment that I can feel safe and secure in which helped to calm down my nerves at least a little. There is not any Six Model scam, so please if you think that forget it. Following that I was led to the makeup artist who started working on me, she was a small and chirpy young lady who made some lovely small talk about the world and pleasant things she read about recently. This is my experience, so hope you get something from this Six Model review. As for the work she was doing, she talked me through what she was doing and the steps she was taking but also why, I almost immediately trusted her because she seemed like she knew what she was talking about and to be fair she did, when we were finished I felt amazing. She highlighted the parts of my face that we both agreed we really liked and I asked her to try and draw attention away from my forehead because I have always thought it to be a bit too big and I don’t like it.  In other Six Model review I had found out that this sector was getting bigger. The photographer I thought was a brilliant man who is great at his job, he didn’t seem to speak all too much but when he did, he spoke with the same bone-dry sense of humour that I have which made it really enjoyable for me when we conversed. On top of that though I was shown the photos that he had taken of me and they were fantastic, I could see why we spent so much time at each location on-site and even in the studio with the only real change being my outfit, we still spent a lot of time just trying to get the right pose for that look which came out showing awesome when reviewing them. Even when my friend used them he said that he didn’t care very much for the make-up and said it felt weird and uncomfortable for him to wear make-up but he did show me a very keen interest in the pretty young artist weirdly enough. He also had nothing but positive comments about both the photographer and his work. We had different photographers but he told me that the two of them had a really good time just chatting away in between photos and he was telling me about how much he enjoyed himself today to his surprise as he is usually very shy around new people. This Six Model review is to encourage others, because if I can you can. Forget any hear say of Six Modelling scam!