An In-depth Review of Different Requirements for Different Types of Male Models

Male models are of many different types and there are specific requirements that need to be met to fit into the type of your choice. If you are looking to be a male model, it is imperative to explore the options open to you and where exactly you fit in and one way to do that is to understand exactly which type of modeling profile you best encapsulate. An in-depth review of the different requirements for different kinds of male models with input from the experts at Route 66 Models is a great tutorial on understanding where exactly you fit in with your aspirations to be a male model of any kind. Read further to know more.

Fashion Model 

Fashion models also known as editorial models in professional circles are the male models that you will most probably come across in fashion magazines. These models grace the pages of Men’s Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar Man and Numero among others. Their primary mission is to serve as the ideal clothes horse for designers such as Prada, Gucci, Armani and Hugo Boss among others and a certain body type is the norm. Most male editorial models measure 6.0 to 6.2 in the height department and fit into a 38 to 40 size jacket. There are exceptions to the rule but these are widely accepted standards for aspiring fashion models to consider.

Runway Models

The name itself gives it away; runaway models are the kind of male models that you see on the runaway wearing and displaying clothes by fashion designers from around the world. The acceptable standards for runway male models are pretty much the same as editorial models.

Commercial Models

Commercial male models are the kind you see on the telly advertising a wide range of products. They are no set standards for commercial models; which is good for those that do not fit into the prototype of a runway or editorial model.

Fitness Models

Fitness models advertise fitness equipments and products and the pressure to be in shape, toned and muscular is definitely present. Most fitness models are fitness enthusiasts and their modeling assignments are an extension of their passion. Fitness models also double up as underwear and swimsuits models and usually earn a high income from such assignments.

Body Parts Models

These male models take advantage of aesthetic body parts to display and advertise jewelry and accessories.