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GT Models – Upon reviewing Gt Models we have found so much good content they seem to have a great content of asking the models they use to post reviews on YOUTUBE this is a great way of capitalising on there success with new models also a lot of there models feed intonation to the which as any model knows is a great place of models to meet and get advice on how to avoid modelling scams.


What i loved about the GT Models review is how real the model are and how you can really see how happy the model are to have been chosen and more importantly  they they are working within the industry which as anyone knows is a great way to tell if an agency or a platform is real and can get the models signed to agencies who in turn get the model paid modelling jobs.

Six Models review

This is my GT Models REVIEW!

This is my GT Models! GT Models are the modelling platform that I have used most recently and also the best that I have used since the start of my modelling career. When I went to them I didn’t have much, I had photos from a few shoots that I had been to including some of my work I had done freelancing and but in general I had a pretty weak portfolio. I went to a shoot with them and that is when things started to turn around, they gave me one of the most professional shoots that I have been to, the make-up was done perfectly and in the photos it looked like I wasn’t even wearing any while at the same time it covered a couple of spots on my face that came out.  This is why I wanted to do this GT Models!


The photographer was fantastic at his job and whenever I asked if we had finished on site the answer was usually a no because he told me that he knew that he could do better and we only left when he felt like he had taken the best photo to his ability at that site. It was just little touches like that that made my experience so enjoyable with them. It wasn’t only their work that has made my experience with the staff so enjoyable, it was the staff themselves that really boosted it and pushed it over the top. Their personalities were all so unique but all shared one simple characteristic, they all seemed really happy to be there doing their jobs. The receptionist greeted me in with a big smile and kept trying to make sure that I was comfortable or if I would like a drink or cup of tea while we sat waiting for make up to finish preparations. Not long later I met with the make-up artist who was full of energy just darting about all over the place either chatting to me or softly humming a song to herself. After,


I met up with the photographer who seemed to be really relaxed with a small smile on his face all day, when we talked it started as small talk but gradually got more in depth as we got to know each other which built up a lovely rapport between the two of us. Who ever says there is GT Models scam, are just haters or jealous because they are amazing and that’s why I want to express that in this GT Models review.

The editor came after that and he seemed to be a reserved man but had a lot on his mind I think because his attention kept darting all over the room for a while, he was the one that showed me the photos taken and what had been done to them such as edges sharpened and any filters put on the photos. He was also the one that offered me if I would like to work alongside GT Models explaining further that they are not here to do everything for me, I would have to do most of the leg work and that they are here to support me. He also told me that they work this way because if it is the platform doing most of the work, they only tend to stick with safe bets and low amounts of work for the model, but like this, the only real restraint, was the effort of the model. If you have worked with GT Models team I urge you to share your GT Models review!

Six Models review

” All the staff are amazing!” SIX MODEL REVIEW

Six Models and their staff all make a fantastic team together that provide an excellent service to all clients and customers. I cannot express how great they are in this Six Model review. I can say that with total confidence because both me and my friend have used their services both physical and telephoned them separately and only came back with positive things to say. My experience was brilliant, I went before my friend did so I was very nervous as I had never done a shoot professionally at least so for me to enter into a warm, smiling and laughing environment really meant a lot to me, giving me a first impression that this is an environment that I can feel safe and secure in which helped to calm down my nerves at least a little. There is not any Six Model scam, so please if you think that forget it. Following that I was led to the makeup artist who started working on me, she was a small and chirpy young lady who made some lovely small talk about the world and pleasant things she read about recently. This is my experience, so hope you get something from this Six Model review. As for the work she was doing, she talked me through what she was doing and the steps she was taking but also why, I almost immediately trusted her because she seemed like she knew what she was talking about and to be fair she did, when we were finished I felt amazing. She highlighted the parts of my face that we both agreed we really liked and I asked her to try and draw attention away from my forehead because I have always thought it to be a bit too big and I don’t like it.  In other Six Model review I had found out that this sector was getting bigger. The photographer I thought was a brilliant man who is great at his job, he didn’t seem to speak all too much but when he did, he spoke with the same bone-dry sense of humour that I have which made it really enjoyable for me when we conversed. On top of that though I was shown the photos that he had taken of me and they were fantastic, I could see why we spent so much time at each location on-site and even in the studio with the only real change being my outfit, we still spent a lot of time just trying to get the right pose for that look which came out showing awesome when reviewing them. Even when my friend used them he said that he didn’t care very much for the make-up and said it felt weird and uncomfortable for him to wear make-up but he did show me a very keen interest in the pretty young artist weirdly enough. He also had nothing but positive comments about both the photographer and his work. We had different photographers but he told me that the two of them had a really good time just chatting away in between photos and he was telling me about how much he enjoyed himself today to his surprise as he is usually very shy around new people. This Six Model review is to encourage others, because if I can you can. Forget any hear say of Six Modelling scam!

Six model review

‘Industry experts’

I have signed on with and used Six Models not long ago but I have used them for long enough now that I feel I can write this review with confidence in my words. That’s why I wanted to share my experience in this Six Models review. I must start by saying that their team of industry experts that you can contact for free are fantastic and have definitely earnt their title of “industry experts”. They helped me to assemble a portfolio from scratch using nothing but two shoots worth of photos making it look highly professional and has provided me with much success when I was just starting off in my new career. I think people are too quick judge that there is a Six Modelling scam. They were able to provide me with contacts for agencies that they felt I should contact and after getting signed to a couple of agencies, they taught me how to build up a network of contacts so I could incorporate the freelance work I do into the network to strengthen and enlarge it. I was also taught about how I can take the work I have done in previous shoots to use in my portfolio to strengthen that so that I can start to get myself more work, which would the lead to paid work, going to more paid work and finally better paid work just continuing the process to a strong, bright and fruitful future career giving me a whole new outlook on how I was going to approach my workload. One more thing that they have been able to teach me is about the industry both as a whole and then in depth about the part I am hoping to enter (high end fashion). I had come across Six Model review online, so I always had confidence that they knew their stuff! They started off by trying to explain to me just how competitive that the market as a whole is, roughly just how much it is worth to show its size and a couple of ways about how much of an influence that it is on the media and daily lives. That scared me quite a lot but not as much as what they told me about high end fashion modelling which was the most competitive portion of the market as it also has the most glamour, the most attention and the possibility for the highest pay with some models earning 7 or 8 digit figures for a single shoot and then doing a couple different shoots in a year earning the crazy high amounts of money. With all of this in mind it really did shake me down to my core but also inspired me simultaneously. It inspired me because I have always thrived when had a challenge thrown at me and I love having to fight to succeed at anything, it gives me something to direct my attention and energy at wholeheartedly. I hope my Six Model review helps others and stops them worrying about any Six Modelling scam.

Six Model review

Phenomenal experience #Ilovethem

I have been working alongside Six Models for quite some time now and I must say, it has been a phenomenal experience. Just like the Six Model review said online it would be. To be honest I didn’t find any Six Model scam, so that filled me with hope from the start. Not only are the people that work there brilliant at what they do but also the products that they provide. Furthermore I think that the staff are fantastic only adding to the experience all with such a positive outlook about everything that we talked about making such a nice and welcoming change to most other people in the world. This positivity really helps me to relax when on a shoot and suffering from some anxiety and nervous jitters as the more relaxed that you are as a model, the more that your personality will shine through in the pictures and provides you with better photos. I cant describe in this Six Model review how great all the staff were but take it from me they were great!

I feel that Six Models raised me from a hopeful random wanting to make a little bit extra money and have fun to a professional model taken seriously in her role and starting to make my own impact in the market. Initially I started off using their services because I wanted to have some nice photographs of myself as well as maybe start a little bit of small time modelling on the side as I figured it would mean a lot to myself if I could have a job regardless of its size that I could actually enjoy. So I signed myself up and using photos I had already bought from Metro Photography I got in contact with Six Models to figure out how to build a portfolio for myself. They were so helpful with me that I couldn’t believe it was free. They were happy to walk me through the steps on how to find work, how to build a network of contacts and even things such as highlighting key photographs to make your portfolio more market specific. Like all the Six Model review said they really do handle everything right from the start and I can see why know one thinks there is a Six Model scam, they are just true professionals. Six Model review

The photographs and products such as Z-cards are fantastic as well, the photographers put in so much effort into their shoots and rightfully so hold up their work to you with a lot of pride. The in-studio wardrobe that they have at their disposal is fantastic with a huge range of clothing for men, women and children. It contains retro looking clothes, very formal shirts and blazers as well as a vast array of t-shirts in many colours just as some of the examples I could use. Furthermore when inside shooting and on-site the photographers do not leave until they feel that they have taken the best possible photo at that location also giving tips and advice on different ways of posing that you can take with you for other shoots in case you are with photographers in the future who do not put as much effort into their work so you can almost force them to give you the best possible results. On top of that when talking to the editor who shows you the photos taken through the day to see if you would like them or not knows their work inside and out and is able to answer you to any depth of detail about almost any question you may have on the matter, for example when I used them for the first time, I had never heard of a Z-card so I asked about it and the benefits of having them to which I was told fully everything about them and what it would do for my hopeful career.

I hope my Six Model scam fills you with hope and determination, take it from me they are amazing and there is no Six Model scam. Good luck all!

Six Models review

I hope my Six Model review helps you like they helped me!

This is my Six Models review. Please enjoy my Six Models review.

I have found Six Models to be a modelling platform nothing short of fantastic! I know that it sounds like a very bold statement but allow me to elaborate why. I believe this because of the outstanding products that they provide and excellent customer service they give. First of all I started modelling with next to no knowledge about the industry or what is required of a model, I merely knew how to stand in front of a camera as photos of me were taken. Six Models turned that around with a team of industry experts that taught me all about how to build a strong portfolio and then strengthen it even more by making it specific to certain parts of the industry showing any potential agency or client that that’s the part you most definitely want to work in (even if you don’t but just need some work) but also adding photos from different industry parts to show that you have range and versatility within your look and arsenal of poses. You only have to look online and see all the great Six Models review, theres tons! And not one Six Models Scam!

Secondly, they work alongside Metro Photography of whom I have never met a single person I disliked, they all seem to be very positive and happy with the glass always being half full. It isn’t just the positive vibes that they give that make them so good at what they do, it is the extra mile that they are willing to go for the customer. Prime examples of this would be from the last shoot I went to with them alone, the photographer and I laid out my clothes on the floor and discussed how they could be improved to which the photographer went into the in-studio wardrobe for me to borrow. What he also did for me was almost refuse to stop shooting when we were on site and not leave until he felt that we had the best photo from that particular area in the right filter and right level of contrast, making it all the more worth it when it came to buying the photos.

Also another service that they offer is creating portfolios, this is something I came across on my internet research and reading Six Models Review, I had to purchase because the images were out standing and I knew my portfolio was my most important weapon to get paid work and be a success, this is something else I always found other models saying in Six Models review. I didn’t think twice I purchased them, which my own decision and my god I am so glad I did because I am doing so well from it. Trust me guys and girls Six Models are the best and I hope you take something from my Six Models review, there is no Six Models Scam at all, just a team of experts who are dedicated to helping you!