Six model review

‘Industry experts’

I have signed on with and used Six Models not long ago but I have used them for long enough now that I feel I can write this review with confidence in my words. That’s why I wanted to share my experience in this Six Models review. I must start by saying that their team of industry experts that you can contact for free are fantastic and have definitely earnt their title of “industry experts”. They helped me to assemble a portfolio from scratch using nothing but two shoots worth of photos making it look highly professional and has provided me with much success when I was just starting off in my new career. I think people are too quick judge that there is a Six Modelling scam. They were able to provide me with contacts for agencies that they felt I should contact and after getting signed to a couple of agencies, they taught me how to build up a network of contacts so I could incorporate the freelance work I do into the network to strengthen and enlarge it. I was also taught about how I can take the work I have done in previous shoots to use in my portfolio to strengthen that so that I can start to get myself more work, which would the lead to paid work, going to more paid work and finally better paid work just continuing the process to a strong, bright and fruitful future career giving me a whole new outlook on how I was going to approach my workload. One more thing that they have been able to teach me is about the industry both as a whole and then in depth about the part I am hoping to enter (high end fashion). I had come across Six Model review online, so I always had confidence that they knew their stuff! They started off by trying to explain to me just how competitive that the market as a whole is, roughly just how much it is worth to show its size and a couple of ways about how much of an influence that it is on the media and daily lives. That scared me quite a lot but not as much as what they told me about high end fashion modelling which was the most competitive portion of the market as it also has the most glamour, the most attention and the possibility for the highest pay with some models earning 7 or 8 digit figures for a single shoot and then doing a couple different shoots in a year earning the crazy high amounts of money. With all of this in mind it really did shake me down to my core but also inspired me simultaneously. It inspired me because I have always thrived when had a challenge thrown at me and I love having to fight to succeed at anything, it gives me something to direct my attention and energy at wholeheartedly. I hope my Six Model review helps others and stops them worrying about any Six Modelling scam.