A Review of Everything You Need to Know About Glamour Modeling

If you open men’s magazines like Playboy, FHM and Maxim among others you are bound to come across photo features of glamorous models with undeniable sexual appeal. The male variation of these models is generally found in women’s magazine such as Cosmopolitan and Elle magazine. These models stand out for their smoldering good looks and their high glamour quotient. The industry term for these models is glamour models. According to industry experts like GT Models and Zera Models, glamour models are the best known faces of the modeling world and many of them are regular celebrities with a huge fan base. There many differences between high fashion and commercial models and glamour models. To understand the job of a glamour model better, it is necessary to review the qualities of these models and what their job involves. Read further to know more.

Definition of a Glamour Model

According to the experts at GT Models and Zera Models, there are certain attributes that define a glamour model. The attribute that tops the list is the willingness to show off of one’s body in risqué clothing. This should be followed up with a body which is considered worth showing off by contemporary standards. Ample physical assets are a requirement for both male and female glamour models and time spent at the gym to build a desirable body is a necessity. It is important to understand that glamour models aren’t selling garments or products like fashion models or commercial models. They are selling their physical attributes as eye candy for the masses. A stunning face that elicits desire and admiration is also a much needed attribute in male and female glamour models. Ideally glamour models are required to be open minded about some level of nudity and as mentioned before; quite a lot of skin show.

Assignments Available to Glamour Models

Glamour models are generally assigned jobs that involve modeling for different magazines with a focus on their good looks and physical attributes. The two different sectors of fitness modeling and glamour modeling often meet as glamour models also take up jobs that involve fitness related endorsements. Glamour models are also known to endorse cosmetics, makeup, jewelry and accessories. Premium swimwear, underwear and lingerie are often promoted through print or visual media by glamour models. The ones that attain a fair degree of popularity and fame are often known to appear in reality shows on television and cameo roles in movies and music videos.