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This is my GT Models REVIEW!

This is my GT Models! GT Models are the modelling platform that I have used most recently and also the best that I have used since the start of my modelling career. When I went to them I didn’t have much, I had photos from a few shoots that I had been to including some of my work I had done freelancing and but in general I had a pretty weak portfolio. I went to a shoot with them and that is when things started to turn around, they gave me one of the most professional shoots that I have been to, the make-up was done perfectly and in the photos it looked like I wasn’t even wearing any while at the same time it covered a couple of spots on my face that came out.  This is why I wanted to do this GT Models!


The photographer was fantastic at his job and whenever I asked if we had finished on site the answer was usually a no because he told me that he knew that he could do better and we only left when he felt like he had taken the best photo to his ability at that site. It was just little touches like that that made my experience so enjoyable with them. It wasn’t only their work that has made my experience with the staff so enjoyable, it was the staff themselves that really boosted it and pushed it over the top. Their personalities were all so unique but all shared one simple characteristic, they all seemed really happy to be there doing their jobs. The receptionist greeted me in with a big smile and kept trying to make sure that I was comfortable or if I would like a drink or cup of tea while we sat waiting for make up to finish preparations. Not long later I met with the make-up artist who was full of energy just darting about all over the place either chatting to me or softly humming a song to herself. After,


I met up with the photographer who seemed to be really relaxed with a small smile on his face all day, when we talked it started as small talk but gradually got more in depth as we got to know each other which built up a lovely rapport between the two of us. Who ever says there is GT Models scam, are just haters or jealous because they are amazing and that’s why I want to express that in this GT Models review.

The editor came after that and he seemed to be a reserved man but had a lot on his mind I think because his attention kept darting all over the room for a while, he was the one that showed me the photos taken and what had been done to them such as edges sharpened and any filters put on the photos. He was also the one that offered me if I would like to work alongside GT Models explaining further that they are not here to do everything for me, I would have to do most of the leg work and that they are here to support me. He also told me that they work this way because if it is the platform doing most of the work, they only tend to stick with safe bets and low amounts of work for the model, but like this, the only real restraint, was the effort of the model. If you have worked with GT Models team I urge you to share your GT Models review!

Six Models review

I love Six Models! Here is my story, my Six model review

When I was initially looking around at different modelling platforms, I came across Six Models and honestly I initially believed that they were a scam. But my Six Model review will deffo help and suppress any concerns of Six Modelling scam. My thinking behind this was because I hadn’t heard of them before and when I was reading the reviews, write ups and comments about them, they were all positive or hyped it seemed but when I came across comments saying about how bad that they are or that they were a scam, the people typing it seemed completely adamant about what it was that they were saying. Upon a little bit further investigation I messaged the people writing them if I could find them to ask what it was about Six that made them think that, the responses I got were that they had been told by a friend or that they went to a free test shoot with them but to keep the photos taken they had to pay. Some of the people honestly couldn’t realise that a modelling platform and photography studio would charge money for products that they sell to the public, so they must be a scam. After moving on from them swiftly, I decided that they seemed to be my best option as they appeal to new models most and seemed to provide them with the help that new models tend to need when starting out a new career. I am so glad I can do this Six Model review with confidence.

To be fair since I made my decision I have used their studio for a couple of shoots and usually end up buying the photos because I think that they are fantastic, I keep adding them to my portfolio strengthening both it and myself as a strengthens my portfolio by having a large range of shoots in there shows off just how flexible and versatile that I am as a model within my look and the more versatile that I am, the more potential clients that I can appeal to. However it also helps me as a model by giving me more experience in front of a camera meaning I am likely to pick up posing tips and tricks as well as learn a little bit about what goes on behind the camera to work together with the photographer in getting what will hopefully be the best shots. In other Six Model review share their stories and not once do you find a Six Model scam review.

What Six Models have also provided me with is the knowledge and knowhow for me to be able to succeed at what I do, for instance they have provided me with the ability to confidently go out into the world and know how to find work, approach potential clients in a respectable and professional manner and also give myself the highest probability that I can of landing that work. The way that we have done this is to provide them with a portfolio of mine that is specific to each section of the industry so if there is a catalogue job going, I would hand in a portfolio I had changed slightly to use photos of me that I felt were most suitable for a cataloguing portfolio, I did this for quite a few different sections and it has worked immensely for me so far. I hope you enjoy my Six Model review.

Six Model review

Check out their amazing Facebook page!

 Six Model review Six Model review

Six Models have a great following on Facebook, if you are a serious about modelling make sure you ‘Like’ their page and share it with other models. They give you great daily advice on modelling, the different types of modelling, motivational quotes and they keep you up to date with the latest trends, that is much needed in this industry. Their modelling experts are at the top of the modelling industry and will make every effort to bring you modelling success.