A Review of Everything You Need to Know About Editorial and Runway Modeling

Most of us associate modeling with runway and editorial modeling.

The Models Company – When we think of models, the predominant image that comes into our mind is that of an attractive and physically proportionate man or woman walking down a runway in beautiful clothes or posing on the covers of magazines. While there are many other kinds of models, being a runway or editorial model is the predominant dream of most aspiring models. Bearing this in mind, the specialists at Six Models have put together this article to review the facts and the fantasies of editorial and runway modeling for aspiring models. Read further to know more.

The Models Company Requirements and Job Description for Runway Models

By definition a runway model is an individual that serves as a living mannequin for fashion designers to display their creations on runways across the world. Bearing in mind that models need to fit into the clothes that are made to be exhibited and not the other way around most runway models are expected to meet certain standards pertaining to height and physical stats. The Models Company The height of a runway model generally oscillates between 5.9 to 6 feet tall for women. For men; the height requirement is 5.11 to 6.2 feet tall. Most models meet these standards but there are notable exceptions that don’t. A male is required to fit into a 38 to 40 size jacket while the physical measurements of a female runway model should ideally be- 33” bust, 23” waist and 33” hips.

The Models Company Requirements and Job Description for Editorial Models

Editorial models are the kind you are bound to see in the pages of fashion magazines for men and women. These models promote the newest collections of the best designers through print media. In most cases to qualify as a fashion model one has to meet certain physical requirements. For male editorial models, the standard height requirement is 5.11 to 6.2 feet tall.  For female editorial models the height requirement is usually- 5.9 to 6.0 feet. Male editorial models are expected to fit into a jacket of size 38 to 40 while females are required to have body proportions that fit in with the standards of a 33 inch bust, 23 inch waist and 33 inch hips.

Important Qualities of a Good Editorial or Runway Model The Models Company

  • Both editorial and runway models should be willing to work hard and for long hours as the work involved is no walk in the park.
  • Ideally a model is a canvas that is freely available to the designer, stylist and makeup artist. The model should allow these professionals to carry out their vision and only act as a medium.
  • Patience is the key component to editorial and runway modeling along with the ability to follow instructions.