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These are video testimonials recorded by model  who have had the pleasure to work with Six Models, check them out as they will give you all the motivation you need! 

This amazing model is enjoying her new career, she wouldnt be leaving her dream if it wasnt for six models! They really worked hard to help this model.

Plus Size Models play a big part within the modelling industry and are taking over the world. Six Models helped this plus size model become professional! #Weloveit

The modelling world just gained another amazing fashion model all thanks to Six Models super powers!!

 When the going gets tough….Call Six Models! This Model is glad she did! 

 Inspiring Mature Models

The fashion world is guilty as accused when you say that it is a youth obsessed industry but even a small change is a welcome change in this department. The growing popularity and the increasing job opportunities for mature models is definitely more than just a small change. These shifting dynamics in the fashion world are a long-due source of encouragement and acceptance for those who don’t fit the conventional and often overrated standards of beauty. According to industry insiders like the professionals Route 66 Models, the growing demand for mature models is a step in the right direction with the potential for reaching a new consumer base and creating more income opportunities. Keeping all of this in mind, this article attempts to review the careers of the top mature models to encourage and inspire aspiring mature models that do not fit in with the definition of youth.

Sarah Wiley

A review of Sarah Wiley’s career graph and her foray into the arena of mature modeling is proof enough that it is never too late if you have what it takes. This stunning senior model was scouted at age 57. Her potential to be a great mature model was recognized by a photographer who happened to come across a picture of her and her grandchildren.

Daphne Selfe

Daphne Selfe is the world’s oldest supermodel and was profiled at the age of 87 by Huffington Post. This stunning model started her career at age 21, took a sabbatical after marriage and came back after the passing of her husband at the age of 70.  Her amazing career graph is definitely worth a review for the inspiration it can provide to aspiring mature models.

Jenni Rhodes

This Hollywood actress, designer and mature model is a source of inspiration for many mature models according to the experts at Route 66 Models. This mature model with a lithe frame and amazing bone structure is the icon that many senior models look up to.

Carmen Dell’Orefice

Carmen Dell’Orefice stands out as the world’s longest working model that started her career at the age of 15 with the distinction of being featured on the cover of Vogue and is still going strong at the age of 82. Carmen confesses that she had retired multiple times but kept coming back and the fashion industry is only a better place for it.

21 Replies to “Six Models Video Testimonials”

  1. thank you six models…. this is just some of them your photographer is amazing as was your makeup artist.lovely experience

  2. lina Steffen says:

    zera model is indeed a great platform in providing advice support and even practical help in building your professional portfolio.

  3. Riya hadeed says:

    I am happy to say that my friend & I were a part of model alliance and really enjoyed the experience!

  4. saira sameer says:

    river model helped me alot… know, In just a few short months only so many wonderful things have happened and I have met amazing people on the way.really thankful.

  5. Alie Robert says:

    my passion for modelling,finally gets the best platform. thanks to all the lovely people for supporting so much. love ve six models💗

  6. Andrew Powell says:

    I’m so glad thet contacted me and made my dream come true. thanku zera model…

  7. What I enjoy a lot is that I meet so many new people and therefore have friends all over the world now. What is great as well is that many of them are very successful and open minded, this really inspires and motivates me. Next to that I see many amazing places which I normally would probably never see.

  8. warm and friendly welcoming staff….finest modelling agency. more power,thumbs up👍

  9. shilpa negi says:

    I believe in Passion because sweet and beautiful things are good to buy, But nice and Responsible good people are difficult to find. but I found them here. thanks!!!!!!!

  10. shaz nice 432 says:

    The Best of the Best!!!!! Love ya Model alliance……you are innovative , dynamic and just the epitome of professionalism.

  11. We had a photoshoot today to update my daughters portfolio, fabulous time was had by all, my daughter is soooo soooo happy….thank you.

  12. My experience on the day was amazing, was great to get the feel of being a model for the day……

  13. the kind of job that I enjoy the most are editorials and shows. I really like the adrenaline that you get when you walk a show and I like the creativity in editorials.

  14. one of the most professional and highly organized staff…. they treated me so special though I am very new to this profession….really encouraging🌹

  15. Marisa Miller says:

    I came to know about model alliance through a very close friend of mine who really shared a very positive and good experience of working with them. I ll surely recommend it to others.

  16. Rose Cheruto says:

    why don’t you have black models

  17. My daughter would love to model and chose I model management instead of 6 models, we were just scammed, we purchased a portfolio as they said she was going to be successful and working in magazines and on line fashion, we never heard anymore, she is suffering with the rejection as fair enough I can people say not interested but to be promised something and then just ignoring her messages is discussing, wish we had gone with 6 models, we don’t trust anyone anymore and she reminds me of the next Kate moss, big mistake xx

  18. we are interesting to do modelling please have look at my mobile:07446831399 Helena

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