six model review

What a fantastic time I had!!

Down at Six Models I have been having a fantastic time, they have provided me with the help, time and patience I really needed but never received from other platforms. I am so happy while I even write this Six Model review! They helped me to establish myself into the modelling industry with a new, professional portfolio as well as knowledge at my disposal acquired from their highly train teams of experts that are able to help you and teach you anything you may want to know about the industry and just how it all works together in relation. For example, if you have a weak portfolio which is the equivalent of a model’s CV then you are very likely to not make it very far and if you get any paid work at all it would be lucky. So please take note from this Six Model review. Whereas with a strong portfolio you are likely to pick up a lot of freelance work which you could then add to your portfolio making it stronger, this would lead onto reliably paid work leading onto reliably better paid work and so on. What they were also able to teach me was exactly how to approach and find potential clients. The photographers I have worked with at Six Models have even been teaching me since day 1 including modelling poses and how to improve my current ones and also the steps involved behind a camera including lighting, angles and filters. The reason that they taught me this is to strengthen myself as a model and not have to rely solely on my portfolio and so I can have another weapon in my modelling arsenal. By teaching me new poses and posing techniques to improve on my current, it adds a lot more strength and versatility to my look thus making me more appealing to clients. By teaching me the steps and process of what goes on behind the camera is to help if I am ever faced with working with someone that doesn’t know what they are really doing, also if I have some knowledge and talking points about it, it makes the photographer’s time more enjoyable as well as we could talk about a shared interest. I cannot express how happy I am in this Six Model review! And how happy I am no Six modelling scam exists!

Six Models works slightly different to some other modelling platforms however as some will do quite a lot of the work for you, at Six you have to put in most of the legwork,  although it doesn’t sound like a great deal with you having to do a lot more effort it really pays off. This is because if you leave most of the work to a platform, they have a lot of people to look after and are very unlikely to care anywhere near as much as you do about your career so will not end up putting much effort in. However if you are having to do most of the leg work to force yourself upon the clients and make yourself a success but the platform is behind you for support then you have a lot more reason to go out and get as much work as possible but having that small comfort of having Six Models behind you for support and information. I hope my Six Model review has helped and stopped you worrying that there is  Six Modelling scam!