Why GT Models are The Best Modelling Platform

Do you dream of being a model? Are you looking for a way to get the right kind of exposure?

Being a model requires a specific look and determination, but there is a way to jumpstart your modelling career without fighting an uphill battle. It all starts with using the right service.

GT Models makes being a model much easier.

Today we’re diving into the GT Models platform with a comprehensive review so you can make the choice that works for you.

GT Models—A Review

Considered the UK’s most successful modeling platform, GT Models helps fashion models, TV and Film extras, Catalogue models, and more get their foot in the right doors.

Accepting models of all ages, they have an extensive list of models on their roster and provide customized support to each one of them.

They also have a list of over 1100 contacts to help models move in the right direction for their career path. The GT Models has successfully placed hundreds of models in working positions where they can grow their portfolio. However, they do not work as an agency.


Instead, they provide a clear connection to potential opportunities that can get models where they want to be. And they know how to do it.

The GT Models team has worked with incredible productions including Next Top Model and X Factor for over a decade. They’ve also provided models for catwalks for some of the fashion world’s most noteworthy events.

Another amazing service provided by GT Models is their photography service. Models need a strong portfolio to book high-end jobs. Their job at GT Models is to help models build a portfolio that fully encapsulates their best looks for the industry’s most in-demand genres.

Get Started Today!

If you’re ready to start building a model portfolio that helps you get the job you want, then GT Models is the place to go in the UK. Explore the world’s best modelling opportunities when you use this service.

10 Replies to “Why GT Models are The Best Modelling Platform”

  1. Well what can I say GT models must have had an absolute field day with me I came in with the knottiest of hair no make-up on looking as rough as anything like a council estate mum trackies tucked into my socks but please don’t judge me because it was a cold day plus I only came here to leave a review and they’re amazing work not the way I live and look like.

    So they set off about my hair must have taken them at least half an hour just to get through it pick out the odd cheerio Here and Now maybe a bit of spinach I am a mother to three young children so I tend to look after them more than myself.

    They did my hair so fantastically actually they just transform the whole look of me so my hair was done my make-up was done and I was looking beautiful better than ever. Actually I was looking that good my husband asked me to go on a date with him that evening which hasn’t happened in years so again thank you GT models.

    Im getting a bit sidetracked now I really enjoyed when the photographer was taking pictures of me especially outside cuz I felt like all eyes were on me wherever we was really really great feeling and at the end when I got to see my pictures I was absolutely astounded. I didn’t recognise myself.

    I going to do say I found the better me and now everyday I make an effort to look a lot nicer and it also makes me feel a lot nicer so thank you GT I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas see you in the new year.

    Love Judy.

  2. Hello, my Name is Aaron I’m 26 and have always wanted to be I’m the modelling business, when I was young I used to do abit of modelling for catalogues.

    As I’ve grown up I’ve been in a lot of different types of jobs but I feel asif modelling may be a job I actually stuck too, I had looked into it and it says you have to have a portfolio to be considere for the majority of modelling jobs.

    After reading into a lot of reviews I decided that I was going to go for a shoot and get my portfolio from GT models.
    Around a month ago I applied for a shoot with GT models. I got a response almost straight away and was there within the week for my shoot. Upon my arrival I was greeted by a man called garry who showed me around, it was so brightly decorated and very classy.

    I went on to get my hair styled, a touch of makeup and have my clothes styled to suit each location I was going to, there was pictures taken inside GT models and some outside in the local area, I wasnt totally fond of being outside where people could watch but after waiting an hour or so for the portfolio to be put together I completely understand why they take you outside as when I looked through the pictures they completely shocked me!

    I was so happy with them I bought my portfolio there and then! It was actually a bargain compared to what I thought it would be
    2 weeks later and I’ve applied for 6 modelling jobs and been contacted back by 2 and that’s all thanks to the amazing team at GT models!!

  3. Wilma Barrett says:

    So I just told my friends that I went to you The model alliance last week and they all decided to make fun of me and laugh at me however they wasn’t laughing when they realised I had been accepted and now that I was in the modelling industry I wouldn’t have time to be playing on fortnite.

    So I guess it was me that had the last laugh but I had such a brilliant time how could I turn down such an amazing opportunity given to me I might as well take advantage of it and become something in my life that my parents can be proud of.

    I felt like I had to leave a review to tell everybody what a great place it is and I read so many negative reviews about The model alliance but the truth is these people who leave a negative review probably got declined so there is a little bit better about it however if they just tried harder at what they do that probably get accepted and they’d be leaving a decent comment.

    I read through the reviews previous to going to The model alliance even my parents thought that this would be a scam however I cannot stress enough that this is not a scam I got my portfolio the same week I’m so happy I did it is absolutely changed me for the better.

    I was a kid who used to like hang around in parks drinking or playing on fortnite doing anything but helping out or getting a job and getting some money and now hopefully soon I’m going to be raking it in.

    Cheers guys

  4. Matthew Patterson says:

    I really did enjoy using GTS props no I did with my own things but I got kind of jealous because there’s looks a whole lot better than what I had bro and I wanted to look top class if I was going to get into the modelling industry.

    So I have decided that I was going to borrow one of the dresses a pair of shoes and an umbrella it wasn’t raining outside but the other umbrella would have been great for effect on the photos and well I wasn’t wrong they look great.

    I was just so happy to be there I was grateful the opportunity that they have given me sadly I got declined however is not the end of the world because I can go back and I can do another shoot and I will succeed eventually if I just try hard enough and change the things that was wrong with the shoot or wrong with myself.

    If I was to go back and do another shoot I would definitely go with GT as they were so nice to me and made me feel really comfortable and great within myself that,that is the company I would like to be working with to be working towards my dreams.

  5. I had a totally different experience to the ones I’ve had as modeling with GT was very different because they had a lot of time for me and they treated me like a person.

    Most modelling companies are very snappy and they like things done in a particular way and if you don’t do them then you don’t pass and believe me I tried this many times so GT was may 8th time trying with a different agency.

    It was so unbelievably different just in the way that they treated their clients which then made me want to come here more because as a profession I would like to be a model however I just haven’t found the right company to go with as of yet.

    When I was modelling with GT they were very laid-back they were very nice they gave me breaks to go and get some refreshments and I also had a laugh with the staff but in the end it ended up that I had been accepted into the modelling industry and I couldn’t be happier I think I will be sticking with GT throughout my whole career as they are just an amazing company.

    Thank you very much for all your hard work from Poli

  6. I want to say a massive thank you to all the amazing individuals that made mine and Lacey’s day at GT models the best experience we ever had!

    My name is Hollie, I am a carer for a young 22 year old woman named Lacey. Lacey has autism and gets very nervous around people, she doesn’t like people being to close to her and hates people touching her, but when we went to her shoot last Thursday she made amazing bonds with the makeup artist and hair stylist, they were so paiteint with Lacey and talked her through everything they were doing.

    Lacey has always felt very different to everyone else and almost asif she doesn’t fit in so I took her to GT models to give her abit more confidence, which after spending time with some of the amazing staff she felt on top of the world!

    Last Thursday we made our way to GT models, we were greeted by a lovely woman named Hannah who showed us around before giving me some paper work to fill out whilst Lacey got to know a few of the team.

    After filling out the paper work we then got on to showing the clothes stylist the clothes we had brought and they put some different outfits together whilst Lacey was getting her hair and makeup done.

    They matched her makeup with the colours of her clothes which she loved as her autism makes her very anxious about things being random as it makes her feel asif things are messy.
    We took a few shoots inside then ventured outside and took shoots outside, personally I think Lacey preferred being outside as she loves being outdoors especially in winter!

    Thankyou all for the amazing day we had!

  7. Hello my name is Molly and I went for a photoshoot at dating models last week and my babysitter cancelled last minute and I have a 5 week old baby there was a lovely member of staff call Jade who said it’s ok I can carry on with my shoot and she will keep an eye on Betsy may for me which I thought was really nice of them they didn’t really have to do that for me.

    They said that they don’t usually you know do a babysitting service and I wasn’t sure as I didn’t get a reply to the email before I left and I don’t get any internet when I’m out of the house so I couldn’t check if it was ok for me to bring her with me luckily enough it was and I had an absolutely fantastic day.

    Thank you enough for the opportunity that you gave me and also providing brilliant care for my daughter whilst I was on my shoot. All the staff were lovely and polite I really enjoyed having my shoot done I got my portfolio the same day and now I’ve hired a full-time nanny to look after Betsy so I can carry on doing what I love.

  8. GT

    What a fabulous company. never known one like it is so happy that I was having my pictures taken I felt so cool like yeah ok I’m a guy I have a beard and is not really very long way to go and have a modelling shoot done so my friends say.

    But if I listen to what they had to say all the time I wouldn’t be anywhere in life. I really did like it I gelled well with the staff they were pretty cool I guess.

    So my day at GT was going very well other than the fact that I forgot socks that really really annoyed me because then I started to get blisters because it was raining outside. New shoes no socks with blisters and rain just does not work out don’t do it people.haha

    All jokes aside the company is amazing they couldn’t have done any more for me absolute credits they are.

    I felt really professional whilst having my photos taken and and the amount of women who stopped and looked at me and smiled at me so cool like I’ve never had that much attention pretty cool really good day.

    Thank you very much

    From JD

  9. I went to the model alliance a few months back and I have to say they really are a good company the staff there was so helpful.

    I suffer with really bad anxiety but they were very understanding of my situation and they helped me a lot throughout my shoot. Which led me to have a good day and I met some amazing people.

    I had a really good time getting dolled up having my makeup done and then my hair people speaking to me like they were my friends not like I was just a project to work on which was great and then on my photoshoot the photographer was amazing.

    The photographer was really nice who is directing me and which poses and Styles I should be doing she told me I had potential which was really nice feeling for somebody to tell you that you have something that you’re working so hard towards

    I cannot thank model alliance enough for all the hard work what a brilliant company .

    5 stars from me.

  10. I am so excited for my shoot in two weeks time. I have read some mixed reviews about zera models but the good review are excellent which just makes me more excited. I have been to different studios before but to put it lightly they were awful. So I have a lot of hope for when it comes to Zera!

    I have heard good things about the staff and the portfolio at the end and I’m just so super excited. I hope I have a good experience like everybody else.

    What do I bring with me I know the studio has some things I could use but I was going to go shopping and buy some new dresses and shoes. Maybe its a bit to cold for dresses of I could use them for an inside shoot??

    A few reviews I have seen have said that they have done both inside and outside shoots I wonder how long the outside one would be? I’m also allergic to certain types of foundation would it be okay if I bring my own?

    Thanks for reading guys!

    I will leave an update once I have done it!

    Casey x

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